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Jared Leto seen returning to his hotel in NYC on August 20, 2014. Jared was returning from the ‘Tonight Show’ where Jimmy Fallon had just shaved his beard.

Jimmy I’ve never watched a show and don’t really know in you are but I LOVE YOU MAN!!!!!! That looks so much better!!!!!

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Jared Leto munches on tacos in NYC - Aug. 17, 2014

I don’t think I love another post more than this right now lol
He looks so eager to get that in his face then looks disappointed when it’s all gone. He’s so precious

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So today I learnt that my septum is unmodifiable. It is so wonky there seems to be no right way to pierce it =( I know I’ll get shit for this. “Go to the right piercer” “if your piercer is good enough they will”. My septum is so wonky there is no way of doing it. We did it twice and did a LOT of forward planning and it would not sit.
The plan was to stretch it and put a plug in it but no matter what I will not sit well =(

Sometimes we need to realise some parts of our body will not work with modifying it.

So come on, either throw me some abuse or suggestions or snobby remarks. I’m a baby body piercer myself (fully trained for a couple of months) so would love to hear what people think…


Jared Leto of 30 Seconds To Mars sits with host Clare Galterio as he visits Music Choice on August 18, 2014 in New York City.

I can’t wait for a couple years time when he’ll look back and think “what the fuck was I thinking?”

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baileyinchristalone asked:
What's your opinion on ladies with sleeves? I got my first tattoo a few months ago, and I'm hooked! I eventually want to have a full sleeve, but I'm worried I won't pull it off... Any tips or advice about that?


There’s nothin’ wrong with a lady with a sleeve or two! Don’t worry about “not being able to pull it off.” I work in the beauty industry and hear that all the time. “I can’t pull that off!” No, you absolutely can. The only things stopping you from pulling anything off is your own hesitation. Fuck anybody else who may make you think otherwise. So I say, go for it, you fierce thing, you! Go for it!!!

-Admin M 

As a girl with brightly coloured hair I hate hearing people tell me why it suits me but wouldn’t them…
It’s not because I’m tattooed, I coloured my hair before the tattoos
It’s not because I’m pale because your British and pasty too
It’s not because of my face, colour isn’t for shapes.

STOP CARING! Do what you want!
Same goes for tattoos, piercings, clothes, make up etc
I wasn’t born like this. I MADE this happen!

Genuinely worried I might cry when I see Linkin Park in November.
Only because I’ll be there on my own.
Sat crying over “nothing” by myself.
Brilliant lol

dapperwings asked:
My tattoo needs a touch up, since the colour has just... vanished from a patch in the centre of my tattoo. The caveat here is that I only realised it recently, but the artist I went to is rubbish. How do I approach other artists about a touch up/fix?


Just go and ask! We don’t mind :) Artists are fine about touching other artists work if you don’t like how the tattoo came out.

I found here in the UK it’s hard to get another artist to touch up/makes someone else’s work better =( I’ve tried with a portrait I had done. It looks half finished but everyone tells me to go back to the original artist (he really messed me around when I wanted it finished, he cancelled of 4 times when I needed it done by a certain date (use first book in) so I don’t trust him or his work now as he considered it finished)

Charlotte, NC


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