Anonymous asked:
Seen your band a few times. And just around.

Ah right, what ya think?

Anonymous asked:
Here and there.

Where’s here and where’s there?

Anonymous asked:
You have

Ooh where?

Anonymous asked:

I’d like to see your face

Anonymous asked:
Because you are dam hot.

Well my nipples are not any hotter

Anonymous asked:
I think I would very much like to see your nipples.

LOL why?!

Anonymous asked:
I think I would very much like to see more of your boobs.

So for the first time in like 5 years I think I’m on my period.
Which means I’m not sleeping, everything is going through my head but I’ve written two poems this evening so yay!

Anonymous asked:
I think I would very much like to see your boobs.

Ah jeez get the hint!

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can you imagine lana del rey and brian molko together in one song omg

They would make the weirdest words together







I played with a baby wallaroo this morning


So, you could afford glasses, but not a shirt?

Well I can’t see without them so yeah I sort of have to wear glasses to function.

If I choose not to wear a shirt it’s because I feel like not wearing a shirt, not because I cannot afford it.

How about you reblog the thousands upon thousands of pornographic material with topless woman in it and ask them if they can afford clothes.

Oh wait, that wouldn’t be a problem would it, because a woman can only be topless if it’s in a sexual scenario.

Ooooooo shiiiiiit that reply tho


I’d be so happy if I were her.

Why does she need a shirt when she’s got a baby wallaroo?!?!?!

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Being recognised as a headlining band is weird

Really. Weird.

But not bad X)

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