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So what happens if you really love that piece AND buy a print?

I wonder how Walt feels about my dedication to his films, to take the whole top half of my arm, Tim Burton feels about the next 1/4 I have of his and Seth McFarlane the other 1/4.

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Anonymous asked:
hello! i read through the FAQ and checked the tags and didnt find anything about this so i'm sorry if it's been asked before, but what do you think about handwriting tattoos? i'm moving away soon and i've never been away from my mother before. there was a song she used to sing to me through my childhood and i was thinking abou getting a line from it tattooed in her handwriting. is that okay, or is it annoying to the artist? do you think it's a good idea?


Hello friend, you’re asking some very different things here! 
1. What we think of handwriting tattoos:
This overlaps with our opinion on text tattoos in general. There’s many cliché ones, they can be difficult to read as they don’t hold up well, and with handwriting, you may run the risk of additionally hard legibility due to it not being clear script. We talk about text tattoos in our FAQ, and recommend reading it again. 
There ARE good text tattoos, but only few good handwriting tattoos, period. 
2. Whether it is annoying to the artist:
This really depends. Many shops will do whatever you ask of them. Money for them, no questions asked. A good artist will make you rethink the decision.
Tattooists do handwriting tattoos a lot. Let’s just say it doesn’t mean they all enjoy it - but it’s your choice.
3. Whether it’s a good idea:
Based on what I’ve said so far, I would say that from my POV, there’s better ways you could get a memorable tattoo. Get an image, or an image with text (symbolic of the song), or at least script that will hold up.
I do realise this is your personal choice. I urge you to consider other methods, just so you will end up with a tattoo that will bring you joy for years and not fade into an unreadable blob.

Hope this helps!

Sure way to take the meaning out of a tattoo. I’ve seen many handwriting tattoos and as long as you look after it, just like any other tattoo, they’ve looked fine.
It’s about time people took control of their own tattoos, not someone on the Internet



There are questions Mike can’t really answer.

Oh mike! :’v xd

I love this so much!!!!!

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I was wearing the women’s vest of that yesterday… me and Jared, well in tune ;)

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Anonymous asked:
Got any more `risque` modelling snaps? ;-)




Mike. Being beamed back to him real planet

Here’s my recent attempt at modeling again. This was for the shop I pierce in, Tribal Voice. This is a couple of items from the range we sell.

Anonymous asked:
Why did you knock modelling on the head? You should post some pics from the modelling days.

Because it’s a petty, pathetic industry that I wasn’t even serious about. I’ve got the band now that’s what I am serious about =) (Facebook.com/runagainstthecrowd) although I’m far more tattooed now you’d think it would make more sense modelling now lol

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